Stacy Watts

Stacy Watts



I translate regularly between what the technical world says and what the rest of the world wants to understand about open source software and technology. I also love to break software in useful, informative ways.

I have too many interests to name. My current passions include mycology, hand-spinning yarn, matching people, and performing in Aurora Chorus, voices for change, a 120-voice Portland Women’s chorus.

I was raised composting, so any vegetarian food scraps in my vicinity go home to well-fed worms. In my free time (!), I teach (and continue to learn) archery, read, hike, bike to work, and generally do everything I can to encourage others in their pursuits.

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* People Hacking

Open Source developers are their own best, or worst, advocates. How do you influence people to use your software? How do you get folks interested in your work? How do you get folks interested in running open source apps? Simple, you hack them.
Hacks 2009-04-11 08:17:11 +0000
Stacy Watts