Jeff Kunz


Jeff Kunz

VP of Business Development


I am the VP of Business Development for the Silcon Valley open source startup Appcelerator, Inc. Appclerator has created the only open source development platform that allows you to create desktop, mobile, and browser based apps using rich internet technologies. We were funded in Q3 of 2008 by Storm Ventures. I drive strategic relationships with distribution and development partners across a wide reach of interest and focus.

Prior to Appcelerator I was the Director of Business Development for Olliance Group, a premier open source business and management consultancy located in Palo Alto, CA.

Prior to Olliace I was CEO of Technology Research Consulting, Inc. a regional IT provider targeting the automotive retail vertical.

Proposals for this user

* How an open source startup is taking on the largest proprietary software companies in the world and plans to win: The story of Appcelerator and Titanium.

Appcelerator is using open source as the strategy to bring a new technology to market that challenges the largest software companies in the world. Why it's not enough to have great technology.
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Jeff Kunz