William Van Hevelingen


William Van Hevelingen

Portland State University


William Van Hevelingen started with Linux and configuration management as part of the Computer Action Team’s Braindump program at Portland State University in 2009. He worked on the Wintel, Nix, and Networking teams as a volunteer and later as a student worker helping to manage hundreds of workstations, servers, and networking infrastructure. William now works full time for the Computer Action Team (TheCAT), which provides IT for the Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University, as the Unix Team lead. He helps teach the Unix server portion of the CAT’s Braindump program, covering topics like web servers, databases, storage, virtualization, and Puppet. William is a co-author of Pro Puppet 2nd Edition and speaks regularly at conferences including Open Source Bridge, BeaverBarcamp, CascadiaIT, and LinuxFestNW.

Proposals for this user

* Monitoring and Metrics with Puppet

As your infrastructure grows, so does the complexity of your monitoring and metrics needs. In heterogeneous environments many machines will require different monitoring checks depending on their role in the infrastructure and often times on their physical hardware or lack thereof. The answer to which checks go where is already in your configuration management.
Cooking 2014-03-19 05:29:23 +0000
William Van Hevelingen

* Stewardship of Open Source Microprojects

System administrators and devops engineers today are writing, sharing, and contributing back to more code than ever before. This has given rise to a new class of Open Source project: the open source microproject.
Culture 2014-04-04 05:31:31 +0000
William Van Hevelingen, Spencer Krum