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Mark Frischmuth



An unlikely evangelist for open source politics, Mark is just smart enough to recognize a revolutionary idea, and just dumb enough to make it the most important thing in his life.

When not volunteering his time to DemocracyLab, Mark earns a living wholesaling 401(k) plans in seven Northwestern states. He grew up on Air Force bases around the world, studied architecture and philosophy at Miami University, and has lived in Portland since 1995. Mark’s recreational passions are backpacking and telemark skiing.

Proposals for this user

* Project 2059

What if the principles of open source could be applied to politics? You know- transparency, collaboration, meritocracy... well guess what? Kids are already doing it. Project 2059 is part of Oregon's celebration of 150 years of statehood. Open source tools are being used to create a collective vision of what our state should be like in the year 2059. The project focuses on youth, and will culminate at Willamette University for three days in June and July. There, the input of youth throughout the state will be synthesized into the Oregon Blueprint, which will be delivered to the legislature and monitored for years to come by the Oregon Progress Board.
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Mark Frischmuth