Josh Lim

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Josh Lim has worked at two startups, and is currently the community manager at the Racket Room Collective, a coworking space in Metro Manila. He is also a longtime Wikipedia editor, having edited since April 2005, and was the President of Wikimedia Philippines, the Philippine local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Since 2011, he has taken interest in analyzing social relations on the Wikimedia projects (and, since then, with online communities and Internet research in general), and hopes that he can contribute something meaningful to the discipline somehow.

Sessions for this user

* Outside Looking In: Working to Reshape the Cultural Memory of Tech

This presentation talks about how the culture of technology is built around the cultural influence of those who've come first to the table. We'll look into how these narratives are made, what we can do about it, and the best ways these narratives can be challenged to make tech more open and accommodating to those on the outside.
Josh Lim