Bill Madill


Bill has over forty years of software development and software management experience ranging from operating system development in various languages, to managing large teams of software engineers creating enterprise software. For the last ten years, he has been working in a small company he co-founded with his son where they were joined by his daugher. He has been doing web developemnt, server-side integrations, and managing the internal development systems. For the last five years he has collaborated closely with his wife, Jan, on aspects of her visual including a recent exhibition with both paintings and four obelisks.

Sessions for this user

* Lights, Art, Action! An exploration in technology, art, and making mistakes

Curious about integrating open source and art? We’ll explore a particular project in detail while providing both functionality and process recommendations. Both the art and the hardware will come to visit, along with the creators.
Catriona Buhayar, Bill Madill

Proposals for this user

* Effective Projects with Family and Friends

Always wanted to work on an open source project with family or close friends? We’ll talk through the joys and challenges, how to turn the latter into the former and create an effective working relationship.
Culture 2014-04-02 02:56:39 +0000
Catriona Buhayar, Bill Madill