Roberto Santiago

Roberto Santiago

raSANTIAGO + Associates LLC


Roberto A. Santiago is the principal of raSANTIAGO + Associates LLC (raSA). Before starting raSA in 2005 Roberto had a long career in software and technology consulting as well as advanced research in artificial intelligence and neuroscience. Roberto formed raSA to market web-based and open-source based business software solutions in alignment with his greater belief in using technology to advance the cause of social justice.

His consulting career has focused on software development, enterprise software architecture, data management and new technology adoption. His software consulting career began in 1989 after graduating high school. He gained valuable experience with developing, applying and managing advanced technology during engagements at the National Science Foundation, USAirways and Booz and Company (formerly Booz Allen & Hamilton).

Roberto has a bachelors of science from the University of Maryland where he studied Mathematics and Philosophy. He also has a masters of science from Portland State University where he researched and developed advanced theories of computational intelligence. Roberto has also done graduate research at Oregon Health and Science University where he focused on biological cybernetics.

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* Non-Profit Success Through Open Source

Open Source projects like CiviCRM are providing tools to non-profit organization that would have otherwise been cost prohibitive. This presentation will focus on success models for leveraging open source in the non-profit context. More importantly, the talk will highlight areas where small efforts from the open source community will lead to huge impacts on the non-profit world.
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Roberto Santiago