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Alolita Sharma is Director of Engineering for Internationalization and Localization at Wikipedia. She is driving the initiative for Wikipedia to build open source tools and technologies to support hundreds of languages.

Alolita Sharma is an engineering manager and software engineer who has been working with open source software and has promoted open source adoption for more than a decade. She is on the board of the Software Freedom Law Center and a passionate advocate of open source and the open Web.

She holds Bachelors and Masters degrees in Computer Science and speaks internationally on multilingual web, language technologies and standards, open source trends, women in technology and building successful developer communities.

Sessions for this user

* Performance strategies for delivering web fonts at Wikipedia scale

Wikipedia supports almost 300 languages for its multilingual content communities. As mixed script web pages become pervasive and non-Latin language content grows exponentially, a breakthrough technology of delivering webfonts on demand has been deployed across 900 Wikimedia sites. This talk discusses user benefits derived from this technological advance as well some of the performance and scalability improvements made to deliver fonts at Wikipedia scale.
Alolita Sharma