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Born on the West coast of Canada but raised outside of Toronto, Carson grew up outside on lakes and ice rinks. All the while he was fascinated what you could create on the internet with just Notepad, and so his interest in developing websites began.

Carson develops (and sometimes designs) web sites, Facebook applications, and mobile experiences for a wide range of clients. At his day job, Carson focuses on the creating a fantastic user experience on the ecommerce giant, Shopify, while writing and contributing future-friendly code.

While focusing on the development of a great user experience on websites and mobile applications, Carson has a keen interest in what motivates other designers and developers, along with the end user. Though he has no psychology background, Carson likes to ask questions until people don’t have the answer so they can discuss it together on equal terms.

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* The Keys to Working Remotely

When I tell people I work from home, they tend to assume I spend the day playing with my dog outside. It's beyond comprehension to most that I actually spend as much time working as they do, sometimes more. I hope to enlighten those close-minded people about the possibilities working from home offers and how to do it well. Session slides:
Carson Shold