Huston Hedinger


Founder and CEO at GraphAlchemist a Portland Seed Funded Company that helps customers understand complex data. Huston has a background in computational social science and is a full stack web developer. In addition to running his startup GraphAlchemist, Huston is teaching a data visualization course at Portland code school and regularly collaborates with local non-profits.

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* Graph Visualization on the Web

GraphAlchemist is open-sourcing `Alchemy.js` its core graph visualization technology built largely in d3.js. Graph visualization is an incredible way to represent just about any time of 'connected data' - social networks, supply chains, telecommunications networks, protein interactions, and even biological family trees. Alchemy.js makes it easier for anyone to create data visualizations that represent these types of data - without being a data visualization expert.
Cooking 2014-04-03 18:10:40 +0000
Huston Hedinger