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Daniel Spector has been professionally involved with open source to some-extent-or-another for…eh, about a dozen years. The official “loudmouth (ex)Yank agitator” at Catalyst IT, New Zealand’s largest pure open source shop, Daniel has run the “Open in the Public Sector” miniconf at Linux.conf.au a couple of times, helped produce the “NZ Open Govt Data Barcamp & Hackfest, worked on Wellington’s “Public ACTA” event and is extremely active in promoting OPEN (source, data, government and access), and fights – tirelessly and, alas, constantly – for internet freedom, government procurement reform, and an absolute ban on software patents.

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* Proposal: "I come from a Land Down Under. No, the other one. Or: Why New Zealand is a fantastic place for open sourcers"

This session is a presentation on some of the wide array of cool open source, open data, & open science things happening in New Zealand and will include discussion of functional political activism in a small parliamentary democracy, The Hobbit, mandatory minimum four-week PTO requirements, unarmed cops, no TSA, and lots of pictures of spectaculars vistas, beaches, recreational opportunities, and the basics of expatriation.
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Daniel Spector