Kenny Bastani

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Kenny Bastani

Developer Evangelist at Neo4j


Kenny Bastani is an accomplished software development consultant and entrepreneur with 10+ years of industry experience as a front-end and back-end engineer. As both an entrepreneur and software designer based in the SF Bay Area, Kenny has gained valuable experience leading teams in both product design and software architecture in startup environments. Kenny is a passionate developer evangelist for Neo4j and a strong supporter of the open source software movement.

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* Open Source + Graphs: Power Combo for Big Data

This introductory session discusses the power of open source and graphs for making the most of your big data challenges. While on one hand open source enables room for customizability and creativity, on the other hand graph databases are the ideal model for storing and leveraging connected data.
Chemistry 2014-04-03 22:28:52 +0000
Kenny Bastani