Belinda Runkle

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Belinda is an engineering manager at New Relic, working with the agent teams for Linux, Node.js, PHP, and Python. Belinda loves helping engineers to make really amazing tools for developers. Belinda has participated in Pyladies meetups, Hackbright events, WomenInIT, and other women-in-engineering happenings. When she isn’t fighting the good fight, you’ll probably find her at a Portland Thorns game or frolicking in one of Portland’s lovely parks with her dogs.

Sessions for this user

* Patents are for babies: what every engineer should know about IP law

Don't leave IP law to the lawyers! Intellectual property law is a minefield wrapped in straightjacket sprinkled with arsenic-laced gumdrops. Invented for lawyers by lawyers, IP law makes many engineers resentful and dismissive. And yet most of us don't know enough about the details to protect ourselves and our own creations. This session will increase your understanding of how copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secrets, and open source licensing protect you, your code, your company, and your community.
Belinda Runkle