judy wawira


I am a medical doctor training in radiology residency with health informatics experience in SubSaharan Africa. MY passion is increasing effectiveness of health care providers through use of open source medical records technology , and improve quality of health care delivery in developing countries. My very first activity in the global health space was while as a medical student, visiting a mentee in the kibera slums of kenya (one of the largest slums in Africa) i found a great model to provide basic care to the people living in the slums – poor technology infrastructure, massive paper data perpetuated inefficiencies to provide comprehensive care for patients attending these clinics. This experience motivated me to get working on implementing openMRS, the largest open source medical records system in use in over 42 countries. I bring that experience to share my dream of building an large health enterprise of social entrepreneurship driven by open source medical technologies, including the value of building communities

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* Utilizing open source medical systems to reach the next 33 million

There is an increase in double burden of diseases in developing countries accruing from the rise of non communicable and infectious diseases. This situation is worsened by lack of adequate financing, inadequate infrastructure for delivering health care, low health literacy and inadequate personnel. Health information systems drive the global health agenda , and huge investments are continuously being made to bridge the digital divide to improve health care delivery. 1. What are the opportunities to effectively deploy open source technologies in developing countries? 2. How do we create ownership, partnerships and collaborations that support scaling open source medical records system 3. What are the effective design thinking techniques that drive development of open source record systems
judy wawira