Robinson Tryon

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Robinson Tryon

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Free Software evangelist and hacker, web developer, and LibreOffice Community Outreach Herald.

Robinson is a volunteer in LibreOffice, splitting his time between community outreach and QA. He’s also shepherded improvements to project infrastructure including Etherpad, MediaWiki, ownCloud, and the BSA.

He’s spent time working on interactive training programs for doctors and first responders at the Interactive Media Lab at the Geisel School of Medicine, and consulted on projects including Metadata Games, a Free/Open-Source game suite for libraries, archives, and other institutions.

When he’s not speaking about LibreOffice or hacking on code, you may find him tinkering in his basement, growing beans and hops in his garden, brewing beer in his kitchen, roasting something over the fire, or floating around a lake somewhere.

Proposals for this user

* What's preventing your organization from using Free/Open Source Software today?

It's 2014, and even your parents have heard the terms "open source" and "linux". Your project dutifully releases source code and contributes to the community, but you're still dependent upon proprietary software, even when perfectly good FOSS alternatives exist. If there's an open alternative, why aren't you using it? As a project, what specific actions can you take to help other FOSS projects escape proprietary software and use your software instead?
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Robinson Tryon