Nathan Dotz

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Nathan Dotz

Detroit Labs


Nathan is a software engineer at Detroit Labs, where miracles are performed on mobile devices. He is a founding member of the All Hands Active Hackerspace, which has been working steadfastly to awesomify the brains of creators for over 4 years. He’s an open-source contributor, an open-education advocate, and a functional programming fanboy.

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* How to be a functional programmer without being a jerk about it

It's OK to admit it: All your friends are coming in to work in the morning talking about that wicked sweet algorithm they wrote in like 3 lines of OCaml, and you're a little jealous. You went and downloaded haskell and started playing around and then: "OH GOD HOW DO I WRITE A LOOP WAIT WHY?". Come learn the principles of functional you can apply in any language without the condescension.
Culture 2014-04-11 13:09:12 +0000
Nathan Dotz