Charles Wright

Charles Wright

Portland State University


I’m an assistant professor in computer science at Portland State University. Before my academic career, I worked on government R&D programs as technical staff at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. In my graduate research at Johns Hopkins University, I worked on analysis of encrypted and anonymized network traffic. Among other things, we showed certain kinds of encrypted voice over IP traffic leak the language being spoken, and how they can even be abused to identify spoken phrases in the encrypted conversation. Now at Portland State, I’m co-advising our student security club and leading research on network security and data privacy.

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* Growing an Organic Cyber Security Community

One thing that's worked really well for us is that, rather than lecturing at the students, the two faculty act more like any other member of the team. We work through problems together, and we encourage anyone and everyone to suggest solutions. To show how this works, I'll step through a couple of online security challenges with the audience as the team. To keep it accessible to even the beginners, the challenges will be taken from an entry-level exercise like "Bandit" from Over The Wire.
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Charles Wright