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Chris Strahl



Chris is the Practice Director for Enterprise Media and Publishing at Phase2. He’s been a long time member of the Drupal community, and works to match open source technology to the needs of large enterprises.

Chris is from Portland, OR.

Proposals for this user

* Open Source is Enabling us to Tell Better Stories

The conversation in today's media world is shifting away from "how much content can we publish, and how fast?" and toward "how can we provide in-depth engagement with single pieces of content." The emerging realm of digital storytelling means that "messages are not only heard and understood, but inspire, motivate and elicit action." Open source is adding fuel to this fire, and it is getting brighter.
Chemistry 2014-04-11 23:43:55 +0000
Karen Borchert, Chris Strahl

* Selling Open Source Inside and Out

It is important for us as members of open source communities to not just promote the adoption of open source inside of the companies we work with, but to promote and develop ways for those companies to contribute back to their communities.
Business 2014-04-12 00:07:04 +0000
Chris Strahl