Kurt Griffiths

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Kurt Griffiths

Rackspace Hosting, Inc.


Kurt is a Principal Architect at Rackspace, specializing in API design, performance tuning, application security, and community building. During his career, Kurt has had the opportunity to work in a wide variety of roles in fields such as video game development, system utilities, Internet marketing, and web services.

Kurt is currently serving as the Program Technical Lead (PTL) for the Marconi program in OpenStack.

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* Slower is Better

One of the most common reasons a team ultimately decides to develop software behind closed doors, rather than using an open-source model, is because they believe working in the open will slow them down. And, frankly, they're right. It really does slow you down. But that is perhaps the best thing that could happen to your project.
Culture 2014-04-12 04:29:14 +0000
Kurt Griffiths