Wil Sinclair


Wil Sinclair

Zend Technologies


Wil Sinclair is an engineer and development manager at Zend Technologies. He’s no stranger to open source projects and has plenty of experience in Java, Ruby, PHP and developer tools for those languages. He spent his career working at larget multinationals to small start-ups. Currently, he is the project lead for Zend Framework.

Proposals for this user

* Agile Methodologies for Open Source Projects

We'll examine some of the more subtle synergies in open source development and agile methodologies.
Culture 2009-04-01 14:12:13 +0000
Wil Sinclair

* Opinionated Frameworks for Opinionated Developers

Do opinionated frameworks make it easier or harder to write great opinionated software?
Chemistry 2009-04-01 14:05:10 +0000
Wil Sinclair