Joe Grand

Captured000 1 10 2015


Joe Grand was born as a hacker. In a time when tinkering with computers and electronics was a guarantee for ridicule and torment, Joe (formerly known as Kingpin) pushed back to forge his own path – figuring out how to make free telephone calls as a 7-year-old in 1982, helping set the standard for computer security vulnerability research and disclosure with the infamous hacker group L0pht Heavy Industries, bringing engineering to the masses on Discovery Channel’s Prototype This, and running his own product design firm, Grand Idea Studio. Joe loves to teach and inspire current and future engineers through fun presentations, pictures, and stories.

Sessions for this user

* Open Source Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade

Many embedded systems contain design flaws that could lead to exploitable vulnerabilities. In order to discover such flaws, hackers and engineers use a specific set of tools. In this session, Joe will discuss his favorite open source hardware hacking and reverse engineering tools, including those that monitor/decode digital communications, extract firmware, inject/spoof data, and identify/connect to debug interfaces.
Joe Grand