Kasey Alusi


A recent graduate from the University of Washington in Informatics, Kasey is now working on a private Openstack cloud project. Work threw many different assignments at him over the past year, causing him to adopt a new toolset for rapid development followed by fine tuning and refinement. He wants to share with other newbies and undergrads the power of a well stocked and tuned toolbelt, thoughts on the industry, and getting involved in open source projects in a panel-style discussion.

Proposals for this user

* Technical Career Advice Discussion Panel

Are you starting your career in technology or already a seasoned vet? Come get advice and share what you have in a open discussion!
Business 2015-03-08 03:58:44 +0000
Kasey Alusi, Howard Abrams

* Techniques and Tools for Literate DevOps

Lacking the Hermetic knowledge required to administrate servers, we take judicious notes and hyperlinks. Why not combine those written thoughts with the commands we enter to configure and tame our digital beasties? We have a tool for that.
Cooking 2015-02-07 04:41:11 +0000
Howard Abrams, Kasey Alusi