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John Hawley

Intel - OTC / MinnowBoard


John ‘Warthog9’ Hawley led the system administration team on for nearly a decade, leading a team including four other administrators. His other exploits include working on Syslinux, OpenSSI, a caching Gitweb, and patches to bind to enable GeoDNS. He’s the author of PXE Knife, a set of interfaces around common utilities and diagnostics tools needed by an average systems administrator, as well as SyncDiff(erent) a state-full file synchronizer and file transfer mechanism. He currently works for Intel working on Open Hardware, and the Minnowboard. In his free time he enjoys cooking extravagant meals and watching bad movies.

Proposals for this user

* BKO is dead long live bootboot!

Ever thought about network booting? What about booting a computer over the internet? What about booting a computer, over the internet, from a server that's on another continent? It's doable, and potentially easier than you would have expected
Hacks 2015-03-08 06:59:12 +0000
John Hawley

* Open Hardware and why it matters - MinnowBoard MAX case study

Open hardware is poised to change the world, particularly with the oncoming onslaught of IoT. If we can successfully migrate more of the industry to a model more closely resembling the open source software movement, we genuinely do stand a chance of changing the world.
Hacks 2015-03-08 07:01:48 +0000
John Hawley