David Newton


David Newton

St. Michael’s Hospital


Dave Newton is a web developer at St. Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, Canada. He strongly believes in making web content accessible and usable, and this goal has made him passionate about web standards, responsive design, progressive enhancement, accessibility, and web performance. He is an active member of the W3C’s Responsive Issues Community Group.

Sessions for this user

* Universal Web Design: How to create an awesome experience for *every* user

In this talk, I will describe how Universal Web Design principles can be easily applied to new or existing sites, how these principles will improve your users’ experience, and how Universal Web Design will save you time and money.
David Newton

Proposals for this user

* Automated image resizing using ImageMagick

This talk describes how to use ImageMagick to quickly resize images while maintaining great visual quality and a small file size.
Cooking 2015-03-14 22:58:10 +0000
David Newton

* Improving performance with responsive (and responsible!) images

Attendees can expect concrete examples of how the new `picture` element and `srcset` attribute work, and to learn how they can use responsive and responsible images right now to improve performance and deliver the best possible experience to their users.
Chemistry 2015-03-14 22:56:12 +0000
David Newton