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Benjamin L. Berry

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Ben Berry, CEO for AirShip Technologies Group is an inventor and visionary. Outside of his government roots, he is building transit vehicles to average over 100+ Miles Per Gallon fuel efficiency or its equivalent in alternative fuels and be able to travel over 100 Miles Per Hour. Besides the excitement of the program, the more intriguing aspect to this effort is the model used to create the vehicle. Ben is using an Open Technology Innovation Model, (OTI), a model he is developing, takes concepts from the open source development community and applies them to manufacturing. Dispersed teams that share a common vision collaborate to create a solution that is better than the sum of its parts. The development of this ground transit vehicle is the first implementation of this model and may be used for future product development. Ben has formed AirShip Technologies Group, the consortium that uses farflung teams to build the vehicle propulsion and guidance system, known as maglev spherical induction motors called Track Spheres.

Mr. Ben Berry also serves as the Oregon Department of Transportation’s Chief Information Officer providing overall leadership, planning, development, and delivery of information technology services for ODOT and several other non-transportation organizations. As the second largest State Agency in Oregon, he is responsible for systems supporting highways, bridges, rail service, right-of-way determinations, DMV and Motor Carrier Commercial Trucking inspections and licensing throughout the state. He is the former Chief Technology Officer of Providence Health System supporting the Oregon Service Area of 7 hospitals and 33 clinics. Mr. Berry has held executive and management positions in industries such as State and Local government, healthcare, telecommunications, aerospace/defense and airport transportation. He received his M.B.A. from UCLA and a B.S. in Life Science (bio-technology) from the University of Portland. He has 25+ years in computer software program management and operations, computer applications development and design, and systems development for public and private sectors both in the U.S.A. and the Middle-East.

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* Open Technology Manufacturing Innovation (OTI) and

AirShipTG uses Open Technology Innovation (OTI) because the collaboration is open to all and the innovative source technology is shared, branded and licensed with participating stakeholders. The market is ready for hyper efficient vehicles and the world is saying let’s go! Adopting improved vehicle performance through clean and renewable technology solutions, we can literally change the world. Our track sphere maglev Spherical Induction Motor wheel assembly is designed to rotate the spheres for 360-degree propulsion through forward, aft directions as well as lateral parking for cars and long haul trucks.
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Benjamin L. Berry