j. brush

j. brush

TLC Farm / Econix


Started programming at 8 — remember Amiga? For 15 years an organizer and activist in a wide range of social movements. Most recently consultant, facilitator, and coordinator with groups in: sustainability (TLC Farm, Transition PDX, ReCode), local economy (Jobs with Justice, Econix, Real Wealth), and organizational process (A Circle Group, Cedar Moon).

Proposals for this user

* Econix: tools for free and open (source) grassroots economies

In a context of economic crisis, new economies are emerging in which groups and individuals dynamically plan and organize economic actions based on their own values. Tools adapted from and developed through the open source community can radically strengthen the efficient flow of information to support such grassroots economies. We introduce "Econix" as a meme for thinking this through, our three-pronged action plan, and an initial proof-of-concept aggregator using microformats and other open standards to structure user-driven values-oriented virtual marketplaces.
Culture 2009-04-10 17:03:45 +0000
j. brush, Dietrich Ayala, Cameron Adamez