Manikandan Selvaganesh

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Manikandan did his Bachelor’s in Computer Science and is now working as a Software developer in Red Hat. Manikandan is an open source enthusiast, works for GlusterFS community and contribute to few other open source projects as well. Manikandan is from India and loves to code(for work and hobby) and is passionate on exploring newer technologies and much more.

Proposals for this user

* An Insight about GlusterFS and it’s Enforcement Techniques

In this talk, we discuss the internal working of the translators and key architectural components of GlusterFS. Along with that, one can gain a deep insight about the enforcement techniques, few challenges, the current state of GlusterFS, undergoing researches and look forward to how the Gluster community may address those challenges.
Practice 2016-03-18 06:45:10 +0000
Manikandan Selvaganesh