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David Koontz



David has worked in IT since 1997 in a variety of roles from network administrator at an ISP to code monkey at a large corporation to a solo consultant and entrepreneur. He currently works as a software engineer at JumpBox, a Phoenix based product development company specializing in virtualization. David’s primary interests are in making development easier through better tools and education. His projects include the Monkeybars GUI library the Rawr packaging tool, and the Gemini game engine, all JRuby based. David has also been active in education, speaking frequently at local tech events like the Desert Code Camp as well as national events such as SXSW, Java One and RubyConf. He currently teaches software development courses at the Art Institute of Phoenix.

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Find out how open source connectors such as Snap Logic are enabling interconnection and collaboration between formerly disparate applications.
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David Koontz