Amita Sharma


I am a Senior Quality Engineer at Red Hat, working for 5 years now. I am responsible for Quality Assurance and testing of Red Hat Directory Server (389). I am a Fedora and Open Source Software enthusiast and contribute to various projects in different ways. I spoke about QA process at many conferences. I regularly write for the Fedora Magazine and blog at

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* Testing - Best Practices in Open Souce World

1. How to contribute in improving quality of open source software 2. Get inspiration how to create test harness for your application 3. How to alter your software development model to produce bug-free code. 4. Altering your development model to match SW quality standards. 5. Study the technology, know the feature well and use your experience 6. Know the point when it is time to report a bug 7. How to troubleshoot the issues.
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Amita Sharma