Gregor Martynus

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Unsatisfied with the status quo of how we build apps, Gregor dreamed up a world were we can stop thinking about backends – and has been building it ever since with his friends at [Hoodie]( Along the way they created a diverse & inclusive community, started Offline First and are really into automating all the JavaScript things with semantic-release and Greenkeeper.

Sessions for this user

* Welcoming Communities

A lot of people enjoy contributing to Open Source projects. And Open Source projects love contributions. And yet I keep seeing newcomers struggling to contribute and project maintainers struggling to find contributors. What’s the catch? There is a gap. A gap between the desire to contribute to a community and the ability to find one. A gap between what contributions are welcome, and what people think is wanted. A gap between what people wish they could contribute, but don’t know how, or are afraid to try. In this talk, I’ll share our learning from building the Hoodie Community, which is recognized as one of the most Open Source’s most diverse and inclusive.
Gregor Martynus