Carie Fox

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Carie Fox

Fox Mediation


Carie Fox is a public policy mediator experienced in resolving complex multi-party disputes. “Public policy” means issues affecting more people than can come to the table—fire suppression policies or plans for future water supply or quarrels about how to allocate resources among senior citizen groups. She is interested in taking the magic of conflict resolution in a relatively intimate, face-to-face setting and scaling it up. She is also actively exploring how to use mediation structures to grapple with uncertainty and risk, which means in turn that she is trying to find ways to ease the interface between lay citizens, bureaucrats and technical experts.

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* Can Online Interaction Match some of the Magic of Face-to-Face Collaboration?

Join this interactive session connecting what we know about face-to-face collaboration and how and why it works with what online dialog, games, berry-picking, wayfinding and other large scale activities can accomplish.
Theory 2016-04-17 17:20:06 +0000
Carie Fox