Tammarrian Rogers

Tammarrian rogers

Tammarrian Rogers

OPTYVA, Microsoft, Ada Developer's Academy


Tammarrian brings over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. Driven and inspired by her curiosity, she enjoys exploring and learning new things whenever opportunities arise. Her passion is inspiring, mentoring and witnessing others make heart-born life goals and achieve or surpass them.

Tammarrian has spoken at several events, including Seattle’s Women In Tech event titled, “In Their Own Words: Stories of Underrepresented Voices in Tech,” ChickTech’s High School Program Kickoff event as a keynote speaker, and several panel discussions including Ada Developer’s Academy, Microsoft and SM Diversity events. Also, as a Manager in Engineering at Microsoft, she’s had many speaking opportunities on business related topics.

She is excited about this event and the subject matter because it is a phenomenal resource to accompany what she believes is imminently ahead – a complete rebirth of the programmer and the tools and languages used such that only through diverse thought, background and experiences can it be born, live, and thrive indefinitely.

Sessions for this user

* Supporting diversity with a new approach to software

It’s time for a new approach to software, one that embraces differences (not just tolerates them), and sees diversity as a strength. The industry is primed for change, and there are huge opportunities to do better by valuing emotion, intuition, compassion, purpose, empowerment, sustainability, and social justice. This highly-interactive session includes discussions of current “best practices” and emerging ideas from projects that have focused heavily on diversity, issues and problems in today’s environment, imagining how things could be different, and figuring out concrete steps to make it happen.
Jon Pincus, Tammarrian Rogers