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Stephanie Snopek

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Stephanie Snopek is a professional problem solver with extensive experience working in advisory and supportive roles in the field of Education. She transitioned into tech in 2015 because of the career opportunities this industry offers, and she’s passionate about creating space for other people coming from non-technical backgrounds.

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* Supporting your Support: Give your Support Team Flowers, Chocolate, Money, and Stock Options

How to support your support team 1. Pay your support staff a living wage. There are many reasons why you should pay your support staff a living wage, including reduced stress and higher quality work. We don’t expect support staff to be paid on par with engineering, but they should receive the same benefits & perks as engineers. 2. Listen to your support team. Your support team has valuable, data-backed insights about your customers’ pain points. Prioritize support needs in terms of product improvements. 3. Support your colleagues’ career ambitions. Some people who work in support are interested in becoming engineers. You can encourage this by giving them time to learn coding or work on projects during work hours, or paying for educational materials or tech conferences. Respect the fact that not everyone wants to be an engineer as well. Support should be a viable career path in its own right.
Kiera Manion-Fischer, Stephanie Snopek