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Joshua Pan



Joshua Pan is a student attending Proof School (San Francisco, CA). His background in programming came from his competitive programming experience. He got introduced to open source programming through Google Code-in, which he was awarded Grand Winner in 2016 for his contributions to Copyleft Games.

Joshua is an active contributor to Zulip, a powerful, open source group chat application, and is a lead developer of zulipbot, a GitHub workflow bot for Zulip. In his free-time, Joshua enjoys playing basketball, solving math and physics problems, and playing drums and ukulele. He also enjoys writing on Quora.

Sessions for this user

* zulipbot: Solving GitHub workflow limitations and more

On a large open source project like Zulip, we were starting to see major productivity problems for the project, caused by longstanding limitations in GitHub’s permissions and notifications systems. Learn how we created zulipbot, an open source GitHub workflow bot written in Node.js, that patches these limitations in GitHub’s model and how you can use it to manage your own GitHub projects and organizations.
Joshua Pan

Proposals for this user

* Starting Early – Open Source through Google Code-in

A talk about Google Code-in experience, the opportunities it provides for high school students, why we need more programs/contests like this, and the importance of mentorship to younger contributors.
Culture 2017-04-10 06:00:32 +0000
Joshua Pan