Becka Morgan

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Becka Morgan

Western Oregon University


Becka Morgan earned her PhD in December 2012. Her area of research is diversity in Free/Open Source Software development. For the last three years Dr. Morgan has focused on creating a curriculum for both undergraduate and graduate level students to provide a path into FOSS development. As a 2013 graduate of POSSE, using the support of POSSE alumni, Dr. Morgan has been able to redevelop the FOSS course she teaches to provide a more robust assignment set and assessment model. Her goal is to share what she has learned with her students to improve entry into FOSS projects for people new to FOSS and for the communities who wish to welcome them.

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* Lessons Learned in Teaching FOSS: How to Become a Contributor

How do you jump into a project and find your way around? I can help you avoid the pitfalls and find some ways to engage that have been successful in a college course.
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Becka Morgan