Christine Bryant-Ryback

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Christine Bryant-Ryback

WillowTree, Inc.


Christine Bryant-Ryback is a Senior Software Engineer at WillowTree in Charlottesville, VA, specializing in JavaScript web applications. About a decade ago she accepted a full-time position with a local PHP shop while “taking a year off” before applying to an MFA program, but it turns out that client-oriented web development is pretty exciting. Her passions are maintainable CSS/Sass, semantic HTML/JSX, pragmatic JS, and intersectional technology.

Sessions for this user

* Why Is a Raven Like a Pull Request: What Writing Workshops Can Bring to Code Reviews

Many talks aimed at beginners to open source contribution assume that concepts like peer review and justification of intent are brand new. If you have ever experienced the thrills–and/or horrors–of a writing workshop, many ideas central to a successful pull request aren't that new at all. Let's talk about what experienced workshoppers and the field of writing critique can bring to your OS project.
Christine Bryant-Ryback