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Jenka joined KBOO Community Radio in 2007, after travelling around the world as an Indymedia organizer, and helping coordinate relief efforts in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. She trained hundreds of volunteers in the news production process. She also has developed and implemented media training programs in Palestine for the International Middle East Media Center (

In 2010, Soderberg was selected as a Knight Fellow in Journalism at Stanford University, where she spent the year developing a tool for mobile news submission and verification. Her focus continues to be on the dismantling of the capitalist structures that hold society in a state of continuous war, and empowering communities to take action for their own self-determination.

Sessions for this user

* It Can't Happen Here: But what if it does? Open-source alternative communication infrastructure

This talk will focus on what happens when the internet infrastructure we know and love goes down - by natural disaster or human-instigated shutdown (think Mubarak in Egypt during the Arab Spring).
jenka soderberg