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I am a Senior Quality Engineer at Red Hat, working for 6 years now. I am responsible for Quality Assurance and testing of Red Hat Directory Server (389). I am a Fedora and Open Source Software enthusiast and contribute to various projects in different ways. I am one of the founder and key member of fedora diversity team. I spoke about QA and diversity at many conferences. I regularly write for the Fedora Magazine and blog at

Proposals for this user

* Diversity in Open Source Communities

This talk is about "Why diversity is important part of open source communities culture. How to make your Open Source project and community diverse and inclusive, so that everyone feels good about joining. Different ways to be more inclusive and welcoming."
Culture 2017-04-06 06:52:02 +0000
Amita Sharma

* Importance of communication (Effective Communication) in Open Source communities

Open Source communities are excellent example of most diverse and globally spread work-space. Although, this is a major plus and feels amazing to work in such a diverse culture, but at the same time we need to face the challenge of accurate communication.
Culture 2017-04-06 06:34:24 +0000
Amita Sharma

* Non-programming ways to contribute to a FOSS project

Open Source world is really fascinating and almost everyone wants to join and contribute to FOSS. Though many of us may know one or more programming languages here and do coding but, there are many people, who love to contribute in open source ,but are non-coders.
Culture 2017-04-06 06:40:29 +0000
Amita Sharma