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Dan Linn has been involved in all aspects of software development for 20 years and has a passion for helping others in the field. In addition to running his company Hello World, which focuses on utilizing junior talent, he runs a program called Mentorship Saturdays to help people enter or progress in the field http://meetup.com/mentorship-saturdays

Dan has given this presentation at numerous conferences and meet ups including a keynote at DrupalCon 2016.

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* Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

It doesn’t help that the industry puts some pretty unrealistic titles and requirements out there, like ninjas, rockstars, and sorceresses. Anyone heard anything like this? “Looking for a PERL Warlock, with 10+ years in Ruby, Linux kernel contributions, and experience doing isometric transformations in canvas. COBOL experience a plus.” In the early years, even the worst of us were considered wizards because we could do what others couldn’t, plain and simple. But now, people think of it as much more of a commodity position, but still expect us to have the proficiency and skill of a ninja. Somewhere along the lines, people stopped admiring rockstars and started expecting them. I am a yellow belt in two different martial arts (That’s one above I-Just-Started), I’ve played in a cover band, and still dabble in some slight of hand coin magic. This does not make me a ninja, a rockstar, or a sorcerer. Trying to live up to these standards is tough to say the least.
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Dan Linn