Keith Lofstrom



I am a 55 year old mixed-signal integrated circuit designer in Beaverton, Oregon, which is about 10 miles west of Portland. I am CEO of SiidTech which licenses silicon identification technology to semiconductor manufacturers. I am also an integrated circuit design consultant . I designed crossbar routing chips for Icube Design Systems, which were used by Cisco and others to route much of the internet in the mid 1990s. I helped write the IEEE 1149.4 mixed signal scan test standard, and received an award for a related presentation at the International Test Conference

My personal web page is . I am active in open source and the Portland Linux Unix Group . My server hosts the dirvish disk-to-disk backup program, based on rsync and written in Perl. My special interest is low power, high efficiency computing.

I invented the Launch Loop, a space launch system, in 1982 . This third-generation space launch system can be built with existing technologies and launch thousands of tons into orbit per day at costs below $1/kg. Not that there is a market for that … yet. Launch Loop is attracting renewed attention from a new generation of space enthusiasts .

I’ve written for Kluwer Press, various IEEE journals, SysAdmin magazine, Liberty magazine, aerospace journals, and Analog .

Sessions for this user

* Server Sky

Solar powered server and communication arrays in Earth orbit . Manufacturing, costs, environmental benefits, security, maintenance, and survivability will be discussed.
Keith Lofstrom