Mike Tria


Mike Tria leads the Architecture team at Rearden Commerce. He has worked as an engineer & consultant in the travel, financial, security, and e-commerce sectors. He draws on his experience at Rearden Commerce, consulting at Fortune 500 companies, and building large-scale systems on Open Source technologies. Mike has presented at JBossWorld and LinuxWorld, speaking on topics such as open source migration and large infrastructures. Mike’s core focus is building “usable” architectures within large systems/domains models.

Proposals for this user

* Java vs Storage: Time to Scale - A deep dive into storage models, at the tipping point of scale.

A storage model is a series of frameworks and design philosophy of their usage. How do you know which storage model is correct for your application? This session covers a broad range of topics related to the task of persisting objects into relational storage. We will investigate the pros and cons of very rigid relational models to very loose models of relational storage.
Business 2009-02-24 20:55:08 +0000
Mike Tria