Jason LaPier

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Jason LaPier

University of Oregon


Jason LaPier is a web developer and systems administrator for a small outreach center based at the University of Oregon. He learned PHP way back in the 20th century and these days does most of his work in Ruby and Ruby on Rails (when he’s not mired in meetings). He installs Ubuntu on anything he can get his hands on.

Jason is also an aspiring fiction writer. In early 2011, he self-published a novel, which can be downloaded for a limited time at OpenBookFiction.com.

Sessions for this user

* ePUB - What, Why, and How

ePUB is the open e-book standard. Building on previous open standards, the ePUB format allows for flexible and flowing documentation, perfect for viewing on a variety of devices where the forced page sizing of other formats fails. We'll crack open some ePUB files and take a look at the innards and then we'll check out some tools to make ePUB generation less painful.
Jason LaPier