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Andrew Shafer is a lead engineer and infrastructure consultant at Cloudscaling where he helps organizations leverage and create next generation cloud computing resources and platforms.

Andrew brings with him a background in computational science, embedded Linux, database administration, web frameworks, and operations. In addition to technical expertise, Andrew focuses on helping organizations navigate the technology Renaissance triple point between people, process and tools.

When he’s not playing with his sons, hacking in his basement or speaking at conferences, Andrew instigates events like Agile Roots and Ignite Salt Lake. You can find his ranting and self-deprecating humor about programming, system automation, Agile methods, Open Source business models and cloud computing at

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* A Cloud To Call Your Own - Building Services On Open Nebula

Cloud computing, it's not all just hype! This presentation will highlight the benefits of an application centric view of infrastructure and operations and include a live demo building cloud infrastructure and providing services using Open Source tools. Starting with bare Linux images, Open Nebula will be automatically installed and configured on a cluster, while walking through the tools, architecture and resources you need to do the same thing.
Andrew Clay Shafer, Keith Hudgins

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* 'Open Source Business Models' and other mythical creatures

A humorous look at the taxonomy of Open Source ecosystems and the businesses that support/are supported by them based on one person's reflections and observations on a two years spent building an open source business and selling 'free'.
Business 2010-03-26 03:25:34 +0000
Andrew Clay Shafer