David Hollingsworth


While studying Electrical Engineering at MIT, David became attracted to software’s malleability and subsequently built a career as a developer. In 1998, he co-founded Curl Corporation, which grew to 130 employees at its peak. David has volunteered with Habitat for Humanity, served on the board of the Society of Typographic Aficionados, and in 2008 won the Texas Historical Commission’s George Christian Volunteer of the Year award for work in his local community.

Sessions for this user

* The $2 computer: ultraconstrained devices do your bidding

"Do you watch television? Is your furnace loud? Do you have $2?" My 7-year-old's marketing suggestions aside, building custom gadgets to improve your life is remarkably simple, and I'll prove it by building something on stage that you can duplicate at home.
David Hollingsworth

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* Hacking the world: effecting positive changes using open source

I don't want to lick envelopes or call donors, I want to get something done! But the organization is horribly underfunded and technically unsophisticated. I know! Open Source Man to the rescue!
Culture 2010-03-29 22:14:43 +0000
David Hollingsworth