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Reid Beels

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Reid Beels lives in the lovely town of Portland, Oregon where he is thrilled to be a part of a rapidly exploding technology community. He likes to design things, plan events, take pictures, bake, and ride his bike.

In the Spring of 2008, Reid finished studying Communication Design at the Pacific Northwest College of Art and now works as a freelance design, web development and interactivity consultant.

Current side projects include helping to organize Open Source Bridge, a new kind of developers conference, and hacking on Calagator, a wiki-like calendar aggregation platform.

Open Source Bridge 2012

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* Nothing to see here

Hacks 2012-05-18 21:32:43 +0000
Reid Beels

Open Source Bridge 2011 Hacker Lounge

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* There is hacking

hack hack
Hacker Lounge 2011-06-20 06:48:13 +0000
Reid Beels

Open Source Bridge 2010 Birds of a Feather

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* Ruby meetup

Join your fellow Rubyists to talk about fun things you're working on.
Audrey Eschright, Igal Koshevoy, Reid Beels

Open Source Bridge 2010

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* Your Internets are Leaking

Using your computer on a public network is like having a conversation on a city bus: people you don't know can hear everything you say. They'll probably be polite and ignore you, but you still might not want to shout out your credit card number. Yet this is what your computer does. All the time. And you don't know it.
Reid Beels, Michael Schwern

Open Source Bridge 2009 Birds of a Feather

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* Creating conference sites with OpenConferenceWare

OpenConferenceWare is the application running this site. The software is themeable, customizable and open sourced: anyone can use it to run their own conference site. OpenConferenceWare's developers would like to talk with users about making the software better, organizers about using it for other events, and with those interested in joining the development team.
Igal Koshevoy, Reid Beels

Open Source Bridge 2009

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* Effective code sprinting

Code sprints are events where developers quickly complete coding tasks in a collaborative environment. A panel of skilled developers will share their experiences for organizing effective code sprints so you can better participate and organize your own. The panel members have organized and participated in over a hundred sprints (ranging from Django to JRuby) and used sprints as the primary way to develop community-oriented projects (e.g., Calagator). While most of the discussion will be about volunteer-run open source code sprints, many of the ideas will be readily applicable to improving development at your workplace. The panel will offer practical, actionable advice that you can use and answer your questions.
Igal Koshevoy, Reid Beels, Audrey Eschright