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Max Ogden is a developer, open government, geospatial and CouchDB enthusiast from Portland, OR. This year he is a fellow at Code for America, an organization dedicated to helping US cities become more transparent and efficient. He is working with the City of Boston on a project focused on helping high school students better engage in their communities.

Max also works on privacy centered social networks, open civic data standards, web based mapping tools and neighbor facing “civic web” software.

You can see his projects at

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* Forking and Refining Data on the Open Web

Github has revolutionized social coding but where does social data stand in relation?
Max Ogden

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* Best Practices for Data

Panel on Best Practices for Data; with examples of why we need best practices
Chemistry 2012-03-15 20:33:24 +0000
Mary Anne Thygesen, Audrey Eschright, Sherri Koehler, Max Ogden