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Eric redmond


Eric Redmond has been involved the software industry and open source technologies for over a decade, beginning at Purdue University with a particular interest in high dimensional database indexing. After graduation, he began working with fortune 500 companies then, government and startups as a lead engineer, senior software architect, build engineer, database administrator, and freelance code monkey. He was co-author/contributor of two Java books (“Maven: The Definitive Guide” and “Java Power Tools”, O’Reilly), a new book “Seven Databases in Seven Weeks” (Pragmatic), a few articles, speaker, and active organizer/occupant of several technology groups. He resides in Portland with wife Noelle, works at a wireless management company Mobi, founded, takes photos and makes things out of glass.

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* A Dozen Databases in 45 Minutes

What OSS database to use is an important decision, but recently languishing in the shadow of the sexier "what framework should I use" talks - or underplayed as though the battle were only SQL v noSQL. If your understanding of data storage tops out at "Mongo is webscale" or "mysql + memcached = win" then this talk is for you.
Eric Redmond