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I’m the architect of the Parrot VM and have been a core contributor since 2008. My goal is to build Parrot into a solid foundation for dynamic language implementation, experimentation and interoperability. Parrot has a tremendous amount of potential and I firmly believe that it could change the way developers look at dynamic languages.

I have some background with the Perl and PHP communities, in addition to having worked at Microsoft’s Open Source Technology Center before moving to my current position at DataSphere Technologies, Inc.

Sessions for this user

* Parrot: State of the VM

Parrot is an ambitious and long-lived project that aims to be a VM for interoperable dynamic language implementation. We'll take a look at what Parrot's developers have been doing of late, what kind of awesome goodies we've plundered from the OSS world and where we want to go in the next year.
Christoph Otto