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Greg has nearly two decades of experience as a developer, system administrator, and technical manager. Currently Greg is part of the team at Squishymedia, designing and building elegant information systems to government, nonprofit, and health care organizations. Prior to joining Squishymedia, Greg was part of the leadership team at the Oregon State University Open Source Lab providing infrastructure and support to many of the world’s leading open source projects.

Open Source Bridge 2013

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* Taming Your Inner Cowboy Coder - A Simple And Sane DevOps Workflow

Moving sites from your development environment to a staging or production server can be time-consuming and challenging. This session will provide you with easy-to-use tools and workflow to bridge the gap between development and operations.
Greg Lund-Chaix, Evan Heidtmann

Open Source Bridge 2012

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* Put the "Ops" in "Dev": What Developers Need to Know About DevOps

How thinking about operations can help you make your code better, stronger, and faster.
Greg Lund-Chaix, Lance Albertson, Rudy Grigar, Kenneth Lett

* Supporting Oregon K-12 Education with Open Source

How a partnership between the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon State University is using open source technology to help Oregon's K-12 teachers.
Greg Lund-Chaix

Open Source Bridge 2010

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* Making Drupal Go Fast with Varnish and Pressflow

You've launched your new web site and it's starting to get some attention. You've tuned your database and optimized your HTTP daemon, but what if it's not enough to keep up with all the hits you're getting? We'd like to introduce you to your two new best friends: Varnish and Pressflow.
Greg Lund-Chaix, Rudy Grigar

Open Source Bridge 2009

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* Oregon Virtual School District: Free Tools for Oregon Teachers

See how the State of Oregon is using open source tools to help K-12 teachers in Oregon.
Culture 2009-03-16 22:53:13 +0000
Greg Lund-Chaix