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A full-time activist, essayist, and public speaker focusing on the intersection of sex and technology, maymay has more than a decade of experience working in the tech sector in various positions ranging from sysadmin, to network engineer, to web developer. As a social justice technologist, maymay rallies hackers, Makers, DIY enthusiasts, environmentalists, and myriad other groups to support sex-positive feminism. As a sexual freedom activist, maymay works to connect enclaves of the sex-positive movement with one another through the power of the Internet and social networking. And yes, for the record, he does use Vim for everything, even HTML.

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* Anti-Censorship Best Practices: How to Make Keeping it up Easy and Taking it Down Hard

What do bananas have to do with censorship? What do polyamorous people have in common with fax machines? How can you help your ideas have cyber-sex? In this far-reaching seminar, join Social Justice Technologist and free software developer maymay as he explains the 101's of how to make keeping your content up easy and taking it down hard. More important than merely a crash-course on tools, learn the fundamentals of how to build anti-censorship techniques directly into your publishing process using nothing more technologically complex than copy-and-paste. Whether you're a non-technical individual or a savvy multi-national organization, you'll discover how you can put data portability, distributed publishing, and censorship circumvention tactics to use right away in order to stay one step ahead of those who would call you "obscene."
Meitar Moscovitz

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* Freedom to Connect: Non-monogamy as a Human Internet of Compassion-Moving Devices

Although few people seem to realize it, the Internet is a very sexual technology. It functions using the same principle as love: abundance is more valuable than scarcity. Social behaviors are influenced by the technologies we have available, but the technologies we have available are also influenced by social behaviors, or embedded cultural scripts. How would Western society change if the “pair-bonded sexual-romantic couple” were no longer its central organizing social construct? In this session, explore the myriad ways polyamory's key tenet—that a relationship involving more than two individuals is a good and valuable thing—was influenced by and can be applied to everything from social media marketing, social justice activism, and, of course, encouraging participation in free, libre, and open source software projects.
Culture 2012-03-13 23:32:33 +0000
Meitar Moscovitz